‘The rEEper’ ***Jig Fly***

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**PLEASE NOTE - These jig flies are intended for casting on a spinning/lure setup, and NOT for casting on fly gear!**

This is an 9.5-10” articulated jig fly. They are tied on a 8/0 Savage Gear Jig hook, with a 4/0 Sakuma Manta Extra stinger hook in the tail. They are connected using a beaded, nylon coated, 80lb wire.


 The entire fly is made using 3 separate custom core brushes (see pics for an example). All of the fibres/flash are spun in a wire loop, creating an extremely durable fly. I use flymen fishmasks to finish off the heads. They are secured with epoxy resin, as well as the eyes. The eyes are then encapsulated in uv resin to seal them in, creating an extremely durable head. 

Additional weight can be added to the heads of these flies if required. It is easiest to use small fastach sinkers which can quickly be attached to the hook hanger loop.

**20g can be ordered on request**


Goldfish - A custom blend of orange and fluorescent yellow fibres in the wing, with a Lantern orange core. Holographic yellow and orange magnum flashabou. Fluorescent orange micro flash throughout. This is an extremely fluorescent pattern, great in coloured water, as well as in fading/low light conditions. I find bright colours are also great for enticing aggressive reaction strikes, when the more natural colours are failing to produce results. 10mm red eyes.

Golden Rudd - Copper wing fibres. Brown core, with some fluorescent orange blended into the head. A mix of gold, holographic copper and holographic brown magnum flashabou. 10mm fluorescent red eyes. A great all round natural colour.

Red Head - White wing fibres with some fluorescent red fibres in the head. White core in the tail, fluorescent red core in the head. A mix of blue pearl, holographic silver, silver and holographic red magnum flashabou. A great all round colour. 10mm iridescent (colour changing) eyes.

Natural Bream - A blend of dark brown and bronze wing fibres with a copper core. A blend of holographic copper, Holo brown, copper and gold magnum flashabou with bronze micro flash throughout. Black/bronze head. Bream patterns have always, and will continue to be my go to. I’ve had more success on bream or darker/black patterns than any other. A true all rounder. 10mm fluorescent orange eyes.