The sEEker *New colours coming soon!*

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This is a 9” articulated fly, with a hidden rattle. It has a 5/0 Sakuma Manta Xtra hook up front, and a Sakuma Manta Xtra 3/0 hook in the back (Please see notes below). The hooks are connected using A beaded 60lb multi strand wire link.

This particular pattern is built entirely out of a custom made brush (See pics for an example).

Brush flies are almost certainly the most durable flies. This is because every single fibre is placed inside a large wire loop and then spun up. This sandwiches all of the fibres inside the wire, creating an absolutely ‘bite proof’ fly. 

The eyes on this fly are tightly compressed together, to create an ultra thin head. This gives the fly more of a side to side, jerk action.

I personally throw this pattern with no issues on a 9wt, but a 10wt would be more suited if you require the extra distance. 

 PLEASE NOTE - Unfortunately, one of my suppliers is no longer able to supply the Gamakatsu B10s Stinger hooks, and they are no longer available to purchase in the UK. I will be now be using Sakuma Manta Xtra’s in 3/0, which are exactly the same weight and size (just a slightly different shape) to replace them. I’m really sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Goldfish - A custom blend of orange and fluorescent yellow fibres in the wing, with a Lantern orange core. Holographic yellow and orange magnum flashabou. 12mm red eyes.

Naked Firetiger - Fluorescent Chartreuse wing fibres with a fluorescent orange core. A mix of holographic orange, chartreuse, and yellow magnum flashabou. 12mm Holographic Chartreuse eyes. This is an extremely fluorescent pattern!

Dirty Herring - White wing fibres. Grey core, with some fluorescent orange blended into the head. A mix of holographic silver, flat silver, and holographic teal magnum flashabou. 12mm Pearlescent eyes.

Copper Bream - Copper wing fibres. Brown core, with some fluorescent orange blended into the head. A mix of gold, holographic copper and holographic brown magnum flashabou. 12mm fluorescent red eyes.

Red Head - White wing fibres with some fluorescent red fibres in the head. White core in the tail, fluorescent red core in the head. A mix of blue pearl, holographic silver, silver and holographic red magnum flashabou. 12mm Iridescent eyes (colour changing).

Midnight Rainbow - Mainly black fibres throughout, with some dark purple blended into the head. Multicoloured Rainbow magnum flashabou throughout. 12mm fluorescent red eyes.

Ghost - Fluorescent white wing fibres with a glow in the dark core. A blend of pearl and opal mirage (extremely reflective) magnum flashabou, with gold Pearl micro flash throughout. 12mm Iridescent eyes (colour changing).

Natural Bream - A blend of dark brown and bronze wing fibres with a copper core. A blend of holographic copper, Holo brown, copper and gold magnum flashabou with bronze micro flash throughout. Black/bronze head. 12mm yellow/gold eyes.

Natural Roach - A blend of grey fibres in the wing with an off-white core. A blend of pearl, Holo silver, Holo black and opal mirage magnum flashabou with silver micro flash throughout. Dark grey head blended with a mixture of blues and green micro flash. 12mm natural roach eyes (red).

Chartreuse/White ***NEW*** - A blend of lime and chartreuse fibres throughout the head, and white fibres in the tail. A blend of Silver, Holo Silver, Pearl, Opal Mirage, Chartreuse, and Holo Chartreuse Hedron Magnum Flashabou.