Please note, my current turnaround times are currently around 4-6 weeks, although I always try and get them tied and sent out as soon as I can.

ALL orders will be tied in the order I receive them. 

(28/09/22) I have now added the ability to add reviews. Any reviews are greatly appreciated!

As always, tight lines and kindest regards,

Jordon - 33Flies

**I am prepared to tie up custom colour combos if required. Please Email me at - thirty3flies@hotmail.com to discuss your requirements, or alternatively message me on Instagram**



Welcome to 33Flies

Hi, my name is Jordon Westlake, owner of 33Flies.

It was back in early 2016 that my love (and severe addiction) for fly dressing started. Oddly enough, it all started with an original interest in making lures!

I was browsing some lure making videos on YouTube, when a suggested video popped up....

....It was a video by Nicklaus Bauer - The Articulated Bream. At the time, I had never even seen a pike fly, and I instantly fell in love.  It was this video that cost me a small fortune that very night, and got me going with my fly tying journey. Within only a few hours, I had already purchased everything required to start tying my own flies.
I naturally have an addictive nature, but this felt like something else. Call it cliché, but I feel it was a ‘calling’ of some sort. I have been tying every single day, ever since, and my passion for fly dressing only grows with each tie.
I can assure you that I put every ounce of effort into creating the very best quality flies (my ‘perfectionism’ and OCD forces me to!).

I have learnt so many tips and techniques, from people like Nicklaus Bauer, Gunnar Brammer, Johan Lindqvist, Blane Chocklett, Bob Popovics, Andreas Andersson, Ulf Hagström, Paul Monaghan and many more. They have all been a massive inspiration to me.

Because of the truly vast number of different materials out there, I rarely had all of the required materials/colours for certain patterns. This forced me to substitute in different materials. After learning as many different techniques as I could, I started creating and developing my own patterns. I started writing everything down in my ‘little recipe book‘..... It is now getting a lot bigger...

I will only ever sell patterns that have been consistently successful for me (and now others, with the BanshEE pattern producing a pike, that can only be described as the catch of a lifetime, weighing in at an astonishing 43lb, and also the sEEker pattern producing another astonishing pike weighing in at 33lb, as well as dozens of 20+ fish. I have also tied custom flies for customers headed into the jungles of the Amazon to target Payara (vampire fish), Giant peacock bass, and also Golden Dorado, all of which have been a huge success.

I never imagined that I would start to receive so many requests to purchase my flies. I am so proud to now be in a position to do so. I truly hope my flies can also help you on your journey, in finding some life changing fish. 

Tight lines everyone,

Jordon Westlake,


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Please email me at thirty3flies@hotmail.com if you require custom colour combinations.